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Understanding Eating Disorders

Rules of support: What and what not to say <3-


Borrowed from my friend Marie  http://str3ngth-is-b3auty.tumblr.com/ 

Eating disorders are a group of serious conditions where the person is so focused on what they look like,how much they weigh, and what they eat they can focus on hardly anything else. There are 4 main types of eating disorders which include; anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge-eating disorder.

Eating disorders can cause serious physical problems and  when they get at their most severe, can be life-threatening. Females and males can both be diagnosed with eating disorders. Every person that has an eating disorder is not skinny and weigh less than 100 pounds. People that are that skinny and have an eating disorder are in the more severe stage of that eating disorder. Many people that have eating disorders are or start out over-weight or at a normal weight. This is part of why it is so hard for people to recover. No one notices that they have an eating disorder until it’s so severe it’s life-threatening. Treatment for eating disorders does not have one set amount of time for treatment. Treatment often goes on for months and people with eating disorders have to live with it and fight it for the rest of their lives. Treatments usually involve therapy, nutrition education, family counseling, and medication and hospitality in severe cases.

Signs & Symptoms of Anorexia

Signs & Symptoms of Bulimia

Signs & Symptoms of Binge-Eating Disorder

Admitting you have an eating disorder is no easier than hearing or loved one has one. Accepting your loved one for who they are, gently letting them know that all you want is for them to be healthy and happy and admitting that you do have no idea what it’s like having and eating disorder but being willing to try to understand so you can help them, are all things that will help your loved one. Shutting them out and telling them they are disgusting or saying you can’t possibly imagine how someone can live with an eating disorder, first off the answer is they can’t, and saying things like that will only makes things worse.

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