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FAQ and messages answered :)

-Want to find out how to measure your body fat?
-Best way to lose weight quickly?

-I want to get a flat tummy what should I do?

-What is your favourite tip to being healthy?
  • My favourite tip would have to be, drink a lot of water & green tea, it will make you feel less hungry and you won’t crave junk. Also if you go out/to school bring with yourself some healthy snack like almonds,some fruit etc. Because if you are prepared you wont eat unhealthy stuff, trurst me it works!

-I want to get a thigh gap.What should I do?

-What is 30 day shred?
  • “Jillian Michaels, winning trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser, helps you lose weight.Her 30 Day Shred DVD includes three 20-minute circuit-training workouts that burn mega calories and build strong, lean muscle. Each level contains a 20-minute workout based on Jillian’s exclusive 3-2-1 Strength/Cardio/Ab training circuit: 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of ab work. There’s also a brief warm-up session and a cool down stretch.”
Links for 30 day shred


All 3

Level II - 27:55

Level III - 55:50
-How many calories am I going to burn?
-What is insanity?

-Best pilates videos?

Hey, what should I do if I’m craving carbs. Major bread, noodles all of that.. Mostly bread though. I’ve eaten my limit today but I’m like a machine, I need more. What should I do? We only have white bread, and I don’t think this is a craving that fruits, veggies or water can crush. I get this all the time

I made some awesome pancakes the other day that weren’t carbs. take a banana and mush it up really well, add one egg and mix well, then add a spoonful of either pb or nutella and make like regular pancakes. theyre thin but taste sooooo yummy! :)  (easier to flip if theyre small). but also try eating more meat or protein thatll stay in your stomach longer so you wont be craving all the time. hope this helps :)

aeternuslibertas asked: what do you do/say/ in the situation when your friends want you to party with them and they don’t take your commitment to stay healthy serious (ie do not drink)?

I don’t drink so I got you on this, say either you have family alcoholic problems in your family and you can’t (if they know you really well say oh my sister/mom/dad/brother/ did a family tree and found out we have it) or just say you don’t wanna drink because you are being healthy, if they don’t like that then are they really your friends?  Try to say that since you don’t you can be the DD or the sober wingman who picks up the girls for them.  (then you swoop in and pick them up since you’re sober).  You save money on drinks and say to them that each shot they take is 100 calories and you don’t wanna drink your calories :).  Need more help just message me again. 

Anonymous asked: What do you look for in a girl? I’m so shy and insecure around boys, and I just don’t know how to act!! I need advice :) Hehe

What do I look for in a girl, heres a new one :) haha.  I look for a girl with a good personality but not just someone who has similar interests, a girl who knows me and knows how to make me smile. I love when a girl let’s her guard down and just dresses the in sweat pants and a hoodie and will watch a movie or college gameday or the notebook (yes I like the notebook) :). ( I promise I’m straight :) )   She has to have values and family should come pretty close to first in her life.  I don’t smoke or drink but if she knows how to party responsibly then I’m cool with it, I just wanna babysit her.  Act yourself, if they don’t like it then they aren’t right.  How old are you?  Lets say you’re 17? A senior in HS? or maybe middle school?  Think about this, just try to get your confidence up, talk to random guys abot sports (we love this) or ask a question about a sport and make them explain it to you (we love talking to girls about sports).  Or talk with your friends about a TV show or movie or music you like then turn to a guy and say have you seen/ heard of this show/singer?  (even if they say no, just start talking about it, maybe they will end up watching it)  If you get rejected a billion times so what?  you will seperate from the middle school kids when you go to high school, and honestly how close will you stay in touch with the kids in high school?  you may see them once every blue moon at the same university but if anything it will be a little hi, you go here?  whats your major, oh ok bye.  and then after college you may move states.  Most people you say you will be best friends with I hate to break it to ya but you prob won’t (maybe you both got into the same college and are rooming together and I’m wrong, if so then sorry) but just be yourself and try new things is what I’m saying.  Try this.  if a guy says something nice to you turn to him smile and say thanks that just made my day ( it always makes me smile when a girl says that to me).  hopefully this isn’t too much.  Any other questions about anything I talked about here or guys I didnt’t cover please ask :)   

Justin :)

shut-up-and-squat-baby asked: Hi! So your blog is awesome! (: Just wondering about p90x insanity, asylum, and p90x2. I work at a fitness camp with over weight kids and we are trying to keep them active over the school year too, (right now they are the blogalites) but a bunch of my campers are starting to plateau and asking me about videos and what not. Can you help me out? Ranging them from harder harder hardest? Sorry for any trouble, I just have never purchased any of these in my life and need some help! xxx Hunter

Hey Hunter, of course :), thanks for the compliment on my blog.  well honestly none are easy.  (please if you can don’t buy them they are not worth the money!  Torrent them from a site :) ) Power 90 (P90) is a beginner 90 day program as a gateway to p90x (power 90 extreme) (P90X) People do P90 first or sometimes do it twice before P90X, P90X you can jump right into but you will have a tough time because its pushups and pullups which most overweight people can’t do.  If I had to range from easy——> hardest…

Turbo Fire, is more girl but guys can do it based and is lead by MSU grad Chalene Johnson is all kick boxing and punching moves along with some cardio based moves.   Don’t buy turbo jam, turbo fire is more up beat with new music and better music to follow and “fire up” with :)

insanity is honestly pure cardio based and lead by Shaun T who was an ex marine so you know hes going to push you and yes he does!  He is ripped and does all the moves with you so you don’t feel like the instructor isn’t working, hes sweating the whole DVD with you. and very hard cardio wise it works mostly abs, chest, little of arms (tricep no bicep work at all) and mostly mostly legs.  

Asylum is 30 days also lead by Shaun T, Insanity is 60 days.  Asylum is sports based, so vertical and lateral moves are key but it doesn’t miss anything, back is worked, legs, core, arms, I just wished yoga was in there somewhere but it hits the whole body unlike insanity.

Asylum uses weights for 1 day strength and the rest is all body weight with resistance bands and a speed ladder which you don’t need, I have never worked my back so much and hard ever in the Back to Core workout, and the workouts I think might be harder then Insanity. 

The difference is in Insanity you do circuits (which were a bitch) and in Asylum you do different moves every time and you rarely repeat moves (except in strength).  I am currently doing P90X2 and boy is that sportsand core based

P90X2 is pure core and sports based, its brand new and for serious athletes and people who are in peak condition so I won’t go too in depth into it unless you want me to which then just message me back.  

P90, Turbo fire, P90X (its a workout for sure), insanity, Insanity asylum, P90X2.  

PS IN NO WAY DO I WORK FOR OR AM ASSOCIATED WITH BEACHBODY    Just do the dvds and know alot about them :)

livehappyagain asked: Hi :) so what do you think? Is it better to do just Insanity: Asylum or it is okay to do and Insanity Asylum and Insanity? thank you :)

Hi beautiful <3 :) Have you done Insanity?  And have you done it well?  How honestly fit are you?  If you answered yes, yes, and athlete fit then do Asylum. (torrent please don’t pay for it).  What are you goals for doing this?  Asylum is 30 days, Insanity is 60 days.  Asylum is sports based, so vertical and lateral moves are key but it doesn’t miss anything, back is worked, legs, core, arms, I just wished yoga was in there somewhere but it hits the whole body unlike insanity which works mostly abs, chest, little of arms (tricep no bicep work at all) and mostly legs.  Asylum uses weights for 1 day strength and the rest is all body weight with resistance bands and a speed ladder which you don’t need, I have never worked my back so much and hard ever in the Back to Core workout, and the workouts I think might be harder then Insanity.  The difference is in Insanity you do circuits (which were a bitch) and in Asylum you do different moves every time and you rarely repeat moves (except in strength).  I am currently doing P90X2 and boy is that sports and core based, I’ll give you more info on which one has pros and cons.  

Anonymous asked: Breaking a fast with anything other than those things would be so harmful to your body. Break fast is literally breaking a fast (I don’t know if I’ve said that already but it’s true!) so shouldn’t we break our fast with fruits and veggies? Sorry I just saw the tips and tricks page and it said eat protein for bfast and that just really bothers me…but I love your blog and you’re doing amazing things ♥

you’re right, fruit and veggies are great for breakfast with protein

Many teens skip breakfast as an attempt to control this excess weight gain yet previous studies have shown that individuals who consume breakfast daily have a lower body mass index (BMI) than those who skip the meal.  Missing out on those vital calories in the morning may contribute to overeating later in the day, selecting unhealthy snacks due to uncontrolled hunger and therefore foster weight gain.

Previous studies have shown that children who eat breakfast are generally more physically active, maintain healthier body weight, eat more vitamins and minerals, and perform better in school.

Sounds like a few good reasons to get breakfast back on the menu in the morning.  Here’s how to maximize your morning meal with tips from the American Dietetic Association:

Start with Whole Grains
Whole grain carbohydrates provide energy, fiber and lots of vitamins and minerals.  In order to add healthy carbs to your breakfast, try oatmeal (yet not the instant packs) and whole-grain products such as breads

cereals muffins, waffles or pancakes. (I don’t recommend because they are mostly simple carbs and not healthy)

Add Protein
Proteins contain amino acids, which build, maintain and replace tissues of the body and after not eating for 6-9 hours of sleep your body needs the amino acids to replace tissue.  Try lean proteins like an egg whites or non fat greek yogurt :)

you’re right you should also remember Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are just loaded with anti-oxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals.  Before heading out the door, grab a banana, pear, apple, grapefruit or whatever else might be in season.  Don’t forget about frozen fruits like blueberries and strawberries, which can be whipped up into a smoothie.  Chopped vegetables like spinach, broccoli, carrots and tomatoes can be added to your morning omelet or served up raw in a juice.

lets-get-happy-and-healthy asked: Just read you’re an exercise science major! I am thinking about switching my major to that too! I don’t know why but that made me really happy to see :) After joining Tumblr is when I decided I liked nutrition a lot more than I liked botany. How is the major working for you and does Tumblr help you like it helped me? Thanks!…I just found your blog… :)

LOVE IT!!!!!! I’m so happy you found my blog.  I love the major because I love sports and exercise and science.  I wanna get a masters in exercise science and work for maybe gateraid or a sports performance company with professional athletes.  Look up a company called P3 peak performance.  Thats the kind of work I wanna do in the future.  Class wise I love learning about the body, it is amazing, anatomy isn’t easy I’m not going to lie but I am understanding stuff so much better and so I can help the girls in tumblr because I actually understand this stuff and don’t just google things and then tell other girls.  I know this shit lol.  Nutrition I just have always ate clean and love nutrition and the class was really easy :).  If tumblr helped you in motivation and eating clean?  no not really, I’m a guy and I work out every day and eat clean every day.  Don’t need to look at pics to get motivated (PS i reblog girls and I’m a guy soooo not so much help with the motivation stuff lol :P :).  

Anonymous asked: hi, you’re a dude right? why do you post all these things for girls then? like makeup tips or girly things? not that we don’t appreciated it, just wondering :)

Because how many guy fitblrs are there?  I post the stuff because you girls like it and I actually made this because I am in college for exercise science and nutriton.  I know alot about exercising, eating clean, nutrition like fats proteins and carbs, and much more.  It killed me to see girls telling eachoher to go on 700 calorie diets and it worked for them!!  OMG no, no, no, don’t go under 1200 calories, your body will go into being malnutritioned and your body will eat itself for energy.  Also a girl in my dorm was shaking before Spring Break because she was starving herself and went into shock because she was food deprived.  Thats why I made a tumblr, and i post stuff because I know (or I hope) you girls like this stuff :)   (i hope you do and appreciate my blog:) ) 

livehappyagain asked: so i read that you done P90X2, Insanity and Insanity: The Asylum… are results really so great as they show them on commercials?

Lol, it all depends on diet, I did P90X over summer and made all my own food, and ate good and clean at home, got amazing results, did Insanity again at school while eating not so clean and didn’t get any results lol, Asylum ate clean and got amazing results, am doing P90X2 again tomorrow and am eating super clean, in 3 months I’ll put up before and after pics <3.  Think about this, they get over millions of success stories, they get to pick the best 30, and they could have done the program 3 times and still compare the first before pic they ever took to the final pic after the 3rd round of doing the program.  They work and I love them, IN NO WAY DO I WORK OR AM ASSOCIATED WITH BEACHBODY.  Just do the programs and love them.  Don’t buy them, torrent them if you wanna do them.  My best friend did Brazil Butt Lift and she said it was super hard and an amazing workout and she could feel her ass getting worked :).   Any more questions more in depth please message me :)


How do I lose weight:

It’s different for every body type, but my best weight loss advice is to drink 2 liters of water a day, workout for at least an hour a day, eat healthy, make your diet 70% fruits and vegetables. For healthy food ideas go to my healthy food ideas page, for how man calories you should be eating daily go to my calorie page, for workout ideas go to my workout page.

I am * foot and *inches and I am ** years old, how much should I weigh? 

I can’t say that for one person, everyone is different.  You should weight how ever much you are happy with.  Don’t use the scale.  

I weigh *** do you think this is good?

I can’t answer that, every body type is different it depends on where you carry your weight and how much of your weight is muscle and how much is fat. Muscle makes a huge difference:

How well does 30 day shred work?

Me being a guy I have no idea I have never done it, but from this picture it looks like it works pretty well. 
This is from: 

How do I get abs?

Eat clean!!! Do Insanity, Pop pilates videos, do the Ab ripper x


Can I have the 30 day shred workout link?

In the video links and also in the links :)

What is the fastest weigh to lose weight?

Please don’t do any detox drinks, or diets, just eat clean, do the Ab ripper 3 times a week MWF and NOT everyday: http://eatcleanmakechanges.tumblr.com/post/19186209418/the-pretty-fat-getfitnowladies-ab-ripper-x
.  Honestly eating clean is the best way and exercising with weights 3 times a week with some cardio here and there.

What’s a workout that will help me lose weight FAST??

ONE WORD. INSANITY.  (If you can do this, the weight will come off, no its not easy but it works.  (VIDEOS ARE IN MY VIDEO LINKS ABOVE) 

How much weight can I lose in *blank* amount of time?

I can’t answer that, it depends on your current weight, your metabolic rate, diet, exercise, genetics, weight proportion, it is different for everyone. Message me

Never knew guys like you existed anymore:) what’s your dream date?

Pick her up from her house, car jam in the car to something fun the whole way, take her to a nice steak house or even a cheap place, just anywhere we can talk and enjoy ourselves.  then walk around if its in a city go to starbucks, get our fav drinks then share them and give eachother kisses and switch drinks :), and have her wear her best dress and go out on a night its going to rain, and then get caught in the pouring rain, and just walk in the rain together with her.  Then when we get to the car, roll down all the windows and blast music and just dance in the rain :) ( taylor swift fearless <3) and then kiss her sometime during the pouring rain.  Then drive her to a open field, go lay on the field and just star watch or something fun.  Then take her home and walk her to the door and kiss her goodnight.  This is my perfect first date.  :) 

After I kiss her good night I ask if we can watch a movie. We make smores while the sun sets over the sky and have fun with the marshmallows, ok soo now its late and we’re now cuddling in her bed, just laying together, our fingers intertwined watching the notebook, and when ever noah and allie kiss we kiss, And my arms could be around her waist and my lips occasionally kissing her neck.  And occasionally kissing her lips and nibbling her ear.  I wanna french kiss a girl, I wanna try that with her:). With one arm around her waist and her other hand caressing my cheek, her lips on mine..then when she pulls away I bite her lower lip and pull it. <3 I would love to just pull her body right next to mine stare into her eyes. Softly kiss her and then just pull back and state into them and then just cuddle and have her in my arms. And when she looks up at me I kiss her forehead and just kiss her knowing nothing else in the world matters. Just her and me and no one else and nothing else matters right now in the world. Then have her fall asleep in my arms <3

This could go on and on and on…. Iove writing :)

Anonymous asked: What would you do if… you were out somewhere and ran into one of your followers that you follow back and y’all recognized each other?

I would fucking hug them! :) 

formallyfit asked: love your blog. you seem like such a sweetheart :)

awwww thank you gorgeous, I try to keep chivalry alive.  Most men have killed it and I hate that :/

withmybootson asked: LOVE - Tell us one thing you love about yourself! ;)

I love that I am blessed with an amazing family who loves me and supports me for whatever I wanna do in my life, they are behind me 100%. 

Anonymous asked: Ugh, you seem so niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Why must you be on the internet and not here!?

hahahaha awwww thank you hun :), I mean I am real, I live in Michigan and attend Michigan State lol.  

Anonymous asked: Yeah only guess what, problem! Michigan is not Montana so now I’m heart broken. </3

hahaha good thing I said michigan and not MSU, you would have gotten so happy :)   ps please come off anon <3 :)  I don’t bite, I hug :)

Anonymous asked: You’re so incredibly handsome. Honestly, if I could hop a plane and fly there right now and tell you how amazing I think you are. I would.

awwwwwwwww <3 thank you sweetie, you girls make me smile sooo much <3 :) please come off anon :)

What is a plateau?

What is a plateau?

When trainers, well, train people, we measure everything we do with graphs. The vertical plane usually measures improvement, while the horizontal plane measures time. We design programs with the aim of keeping the vertical line moving upward. When results taper off, the vertical line flattens. Our desired result is a line that looks like a steep slope. What we want to avoid is a line that looks like a plateau, or worse, one that goes back down.

Switching up your routine and your diet plan are both encouraged for this exact purpose. Regardless, everyone hits a plateau eventually. By arming yourself with the knowledge of what causes a plateau, as well as possible solutions, you can minimize your time on the flat line.

Why do plateaus happen?

It’s part of the body’s natural process to hit a plateau because it’s always trying to regulate itself. So basically, your body is always trying to plateau. We call this regulated state homeostasis. Your body’s a creature of habit, but it doesn’t care whether those habits are bad or good. The more you do something to enact change, the more your body adapts and tries to limit that change. This is a survival instinct—less stress is placed on your body. However, when you’re unhealthy, your body is willing to call unhealthinesshomeostasis. So the aim of an exercise program is to keep your body stressed.

We think of stress as bad, but we need it to be healthy. Stress causes our bodies to react. These reactions include releasing hormones that keep your body strong. This helps you fight the natural aging process. The key with stress is managing it. You want to stress yourself, but only enough so you can still recover from the process. When we’re overstressed, it’s a symptom we refer to in the fitness world as overtrained.

What is overtraining?

There’s an old adage in the fitness world that goes something like this—it’s credited to two fringe characters who referred to themselves as The Barbarian Brothers:

“There is no such thing as overtraining. There is only undereating, undersleeping, and failure of will.”

From this statement, we could call overtraining underrecovering, and this would be accurate. But since athletes tend to be of the “more must be better” variety, overtraining is the term that stuck. No matter how you spin it, if we don’t balance training, resting, and eating, we will stop making progress, no matter how hard we push ourselves.

Why we train in phases

To get the most out of an exercise program, you need to break habits from time to time. This is why most training programs are broken up into phases or blocks that generally look something like this:

  1. Foundation phase: Building base fitness; the time this takes varies per individual.
  2. Adaptive phase: Learning to master the movements or cadence of a new workout program; takes between 1 and 12 weeks, depending on a program’s intricacies and your fitness level.
  3. Growth or Mastery phase: Once you’ve reached the growth or mastery phase, your body has a limited time to make accelerated performance gains; generally takes 1 to 4 weeks.
  4. Recovery phase: When results level off, your body needs to recover from the stresses of hard training; generally takes 1 to 4 weeks.

Most athletes train in 3- to 6-week blocks, wherein they work on one energy system at a time. Each block is broken down into the phases listed above. At the end of each block, your body begins to plateau, which is a sign you should begin a recovery phase—a period of lower-level exercise designed to help your body peak its fitness level, either for an event or a new block of training.

The fitter you are, the quicker you adapt to new routines. 

What to do when plateaus happen

You’re usually not sure why you’ve hit a plateau; otherwise, you wouldn’t have hit it. Luckily, there are only a few possibilities.

  1. You’ve been training too hard.
  2. You haven’t been training hard enough.
  3. You’re not recovering (includes both eating and sleeping too little).
  4. You’re eating too much.

Basically, you’re in a plateau because you’re doing too much or too little of something. If you’re not working hard enough, you probably know that. If your diet is bad, you probably know that too. In fact, if this were the case, you probably didn’t see results in the first place, so you’re likely not plateauing—you just haven’t gotten any results at all. For those “too-much” or “too-little” scenarios, here are the solutions most likely to work:

  1. Start off. First, you need to ask yourself if you did your program all the way through.  Because programs are so intense, it’s likely you’ll experience small peaks and valleys of improvement/decline over the first couple of months. You’re not plateauing. It’s adaptation to a new program. In fact, chances are you’d get better results early on with an easier program. This is because you’d quickly master that program. What you would lack is the high-end fitness you reach at the end of your program that your body prepares for during the initial blocks. 
  2. Back off. Backing off doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise—it just means that if you ease up a bit, you’ll likely recover and get stronger. If you’re finding it suddenly difficult to get through a workout that was easy the week before, you’re probably working out too intensely. You should ease up your intensity and focus on technique and flexibility. When I suspect this is the case, I usually suggest you go straight into a recovery period until you feel normal. When you’re this tired, gauge your workouts so you finish them feeling refreshed rather than knackered. When your energy level returns, you can launch back into your original program even harder than before.
  3. Turn it up a notch. Or you can try the antithesis of #2, because a plateau may also happen if you’re bored and/or listless. The best way to increase intensity is by adding resistance. Change bands or adding weigh so you start failing at a targeted number of reps (depending on your goals) on all of the exercises, which changes the focus of the energy system you’re using. This added intensity will force your body to adapt and turn that improvement curve skyward again. You’ll know if this was the right tactic because you’ll either respond by feeling energized or you’ll hardly be able to finish the workout. If it’s the latter, try step #1 or #6.
  4. Streamline your diet. Most diets could use a little improvement. If you’ve been giving yourself little rewards for a job well done (a good idea in general), then try some withholding. Eat very cleanly and strictly for a week and see what happens. If you feel better, you’ve found the culprit. If your plateau continues, move to either step #1 or #5.
  5. Add some morning cardio. Twenty to 40 minutes or more of easy to moderate cardio in the morning on an empty stomach can help get your metabolism steamrolling again. You can train your body to use stored fat more efficiently as fuel, and this is one of the easiest ways to do it. This is a good tactic to try if you’re having trouble streamlining your diet and have an abundance of extra energy.
  6. Add or subtract calories. Dynamic caloric requirements are a reality of a program as hard as P90X (the one I did). As you become fitter, your body composition changes, so your calorie requirements change. Adding calories is one of the main ways our customers get themselves off plateaus. Adding 500 calories per day works out to 3,500 per week, which equates to a pound. But this doesn’t mean you’ll gain or lose a pound. You may simply need the extra energy to keep fueling your now-much-fitter body. Keep in mind that this will only work if you’re eating proper nutrients. If not, try step #4 first, and then try altering the number of calories you’re eating. The best way to add or subtract calories is to zigzag them up or down. Instead of simply adding/subtracting the calories all at once, do it every other day while continuing to follow your current eating pattern. This will not only help your body adjust easier, but you’ll begin to feel how the different amounts of energy you’re consuming affect your performance. Five hundred is not a magic number. If 300 (or 600) feels better, then go with that. Your body will usually tell you what it needs, if you can learn how to read its signals.

Im thinking about becoming a vegetarian/vegan..

Vegetarian 101:


Making the transition:


Vegetarian/ Vegan Recipes : 


Vegan grocery shopping :




Im in a plateau help!


<3 you all- Justin