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AB RIPPER X: 25 reps each

  1. In & Outs
  2. Bicycle (2 sets, one forward, one backward)
  3. Seated Crunchy Frog
  4. Cross Leg/Wide Leg Sit-up (Not shown)
  5. Fifer Scissor
  6. Hip Rock’N Raise
  7. Pulse Up
  8. Rollup/V-Up Combo
  9. Oblique V-up
  10. Leg Climb
  11. Mason Twist (30 reps, not shown)

Stretch before and after, maintain a high-protein diet for results.

 Wide leg sit up: Basically you lay down with your legs wide apart, and put one hand behind your head. Then, you lift straight up with the other hand while doing a sit-up, and then reach across your body after you are sitting straight up.

HERES ANOTHER EXPLANATION  Lie on your back with your legs spread out in a v shape. Then rise yourself up (right hand straight toward the sky) and bend over and hit your left shoe with your right hand. Repeat going opposit way. Any questions message me :). Hardest ab routein of my life!

You alternate back and forth like that on both sides of your body, and by this point you are wondering how it is even POSSIBLE for the people on the video to still be doing it.

 Mason Twist (russian twist)  final exercise of the workout session, they saved the best for last. Once again, you are using your butt as a pivot point, while your upper body and your legs are both held above the floor. Once in that position, you clasp your hand together and rotate very rapidly from side to side, trying to touch the floor on each repetition.

If you still don’t know the moves watch the video http://www.myspace.com/video/mason/ab-ripper-x/50789881

Have fun (this took me 13 weeks to get all 25 reps right after another no rest of every move, yes its hard.