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Why society sucks!!!!

I look around and I see society. No matter how hard you try it’s always there. Whether we are comparing ourselves to every other girl, looking at what other people are eating, what they are wearing, we do it automatically. Perfect doesn’t exist, the media has photoshop and Botox for that. So many people see models and people with caked on makeup, fake tans, and fake lashes and think they are beautiful and try to copy them. Good luck because that picture is impossible to attain. Society says wear this, do this, eat this, look like this. They say that unless you have flawless skin you shouldn’t show your face, unless you have never been hurt then you shoudnt love someone. That the world can hide behind a computer screen and while it shouldn’t bother any of us, we all take it personal and direct. People have died from random people saying things to them that they have no idea how much those little words impact their lives. People look at our generation and say we’re the most depressed generation. Maybe the adults should look at the media they are selling to us and take a big fucking step back because they are doing this to us. Society is doing this to us. But who is society? Money hungry magazines and tv shows? People who have enoigh money to sell us anything, diet pills, cream for anything, shakes for weight loss, fitness programs, I can go on forever, no I’m not saying that a size 2 is hot or a size 22 is beautiful. I’m not saying having a six pack is hot or having a cute ass is nice. Just be happy and healthy. Don’t become so obsessed with being skinny or not care enough for you become unhealthy. Girls spending hours on Facebook seeing other friends be happy and having fun. Facebook is the exact same thing. Tons of happy posts with tons of pictures of you smiling with friends. Or tumblr, millions of endless pictures about anything. It’s amazing for food, luxury, houses, style, but thinso blogs are popular and girls just spend hours scrolling through endless pictures hating themselves more every pic. But the key question is what really is normal anymore?

I wrote this myself.