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Happiness is Being Healthy

Feeling Fit

Looking Great

Being Happy With Yourself


Eat Clean Make Changes

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Help me? :)

Hellooo gorgeous girls (and guys?  do guys come here? ) :) 

So I’m sorta really good at procrastinating, and not so good at getting stuff done when I need to. So I would really appreciate it if you could message me anyyyy of the following! (:

‘STUDY’ - I will make sure I do all the homework / revision I need to do today. Send lots of these please, I have exams coming up! djfsdljfla;sdjflasdjf!!


‘SLEEP’ - I won’t stay up superlate, and get at least 8 hours of sleep today (:

‘CLEAN ROOM’ - Pretty self-explanatory I think..

‘DRINK’ - I don’t really drink enough during the day. If you send me this I’ll go get a glass of waterr (:

and…some fun / getting-to-know-me ones:

MUSIC - I’ll post my current favorite song (this changes about every couple seconds)

BOOK - I’ll post what book I’m reading.

LOVE - I’ll post one thing I like about myself.

HATE - I’ll post one thing I don’t like about myself.

*NAME* - Message me any name, and I will tell you something about a person in my life with that name (:

*Would you rather..* - I love these! Send me any :D

*What would you do if…* - Same! ^

Or any random question you have.. please just asskk :) 
Send me a message here: http://eatcleanmakechanges.tumblr.com/ask

Thank you! I will love you forever…wait, I already do<3 :)