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Happiness is Being Healthy

Feeling Fit

Looking Great

Being Happy With Yourself


Eat Clean Make Changes

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When I look myself in the mirror on…

Monday: Like, I’m not that fat. I don’t know why I’ve been obsessing over food.

Tuesday: I’m huge, what the fuck. Why can’t I be skinny.

Wednesday: Hey, when I suck in I look kinda skinny. I’ll just suck in for pictures. Problem solved.

Thursday: I am a whale. Call me fucking Shamu. Here all week, front row might get wet!

Friday: Oooo I look good in this loose top! Time to get my drink on!

Saturday: So hungover. So fat. Drunk me needs to say fucking no to cheeseburgers&fries.

Sunday: It’s a new week tomorrow! I’ll do better… Starting tomorrow. Until then, I deserve my last taste of ice cream.